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[8L] Audi A3 8L clima problem

Letzte Änderung am 06.12.2019 1:32 Uhr

05.12.2019 1:06 Uhr

I got an 2000' Audi A3 8L

Today I had the clima air conditioning on and it suddenly turned off , tried to switch it on again the light only flashes on clima board but not turning on , it keeps flashing everytime I press the button !
Here is a link attached with a video on youtube *


What can I do to fix that or what could the problem be ?


A3 1.6 AKL
Bj. 12/97

05.12.2019 11:20 Uhr

when it's cold outside,you can't switch on the conditioning.

06.12.2019 1:32 Uhr

Ok, wil try when the weather gets better again

Thank you
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