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[8P] 5-Arm-Wing-Design - Need Advise

Letzte Änderung am 20.04.2017 15:35 Uhr

27.03.2017 13:22 Uhr

Hello Everyone,

Firstly i'm sorry for posting in English, my German isn't great.
I am currenlty looking into upgrading my 8P Sportback (2011) and I need Inputs from the community.


1. I currently have 225/35 7.5X18 Doppelspeichen Design Summer wheels.
I'd like the "5-Arm-Wing-Design" 235/35 8x19, will these wheels fit without any Problem? (TÜV)

2. I'd also like to lower the car a little and get the wheels a bit outer (spurverbreiterung).
What's the advisable width? (Front and Rear)

Thanks in advance for the advise.

20.04.2017 14:24 Uhr

Do you mean the "Rotor"-Design?

20.04.2017 14:26 Uhr

I mean these


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