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Mein Audi A3 8P Sportback von rhombass

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jeezy92 21.03.2018 23:18 Uhr

was für ein radio ist das? und wie zufrieden bist du?

rhombass 21.03.2018 23:35 Uhr

Sorry, my german is pretty bad, so I will use english if you dont mind :) It is a xtrons android radio. Pretty nice device. Works great. But it had very ugly Chinese captions, so I had to repaint it, to make it look like original audi concert :)

jeezy92 22.03.2018 17:08 Uhr

thank u for answering. the way u made it look like now fits very well in the interior of the 8p. unfortunately it´s not able to buy it like this :D

rhombass 22.03.2018 17:23 Uhr

No problem. I understand what you mean. I wanted to retrofit RNS-E PU unit, but price was too high for this old device that even hasn't android auto supported. I use Waze all the time so I decided to buy this chineese radio. But you can probably do the same thing I did :) The only thing you need is mix the proper paint, masking tape, concert stencils and acetone to remove old paint. I've done a small report about this here, it is in Russian language, but u can use google translate :)



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